PhotoShoot Disaster

"Attempting Family Photos w/ infants"


Taking pictures and creating lasting memories is supposed to be filled with fun and an amazing experience. You spend all this time in multiple stores searching for the "right" outfit. You go back and forth in your head imagining what colors will look good with what scenery. You finally find the perfect outfits and cannot wait until you can see everyone in them. We planned ahead on how we were going to make this day a successful one.

Being that we took family photos before, we figured we would do things a little differently as our daughter was not cooperative at all during our Easter pictures. Our plan was for the kids to have a nap beforehand so that they can be full of energy when its time to smile. This time was a bit difficult as the location was over 90 minutes away and we had to be there at 10am. I (Terrell) made the decision to just let them sleep though the night, feed them in the morning, and head out. A full nights rest beats a nap any day right?



Boy how WRONG I ended up being. We got them up, got them fed, dressed, and loaded up. Everything was going well until Ashton got sleepy 10 MINUTES before we arrived to the location. I prayed I would be able to snap him out of it, as Ashton is usually very chill and calm. If it were Aria, I would have told Jarius to just turn the car around immediately and let's go home.

From the moment I got him out the car, you could tell he was not for it. I tried every trick I knew how to get him to smile and they all failed. My baby was TIRED and it was nothing that could be done to console him. At this point Jarius is extremely irritated because he has the "I told you so" spirit and just had to remind me how we did not follow his original plan. He suggested waking them up earlier around 5am, feeding them, and letting them go back to sleep before we left around 8:15. At this point we just had to make the best of it. 


We tried everything to get just a few good pictures and were only able to get one of just him and I right before all hell broke loose. You can kind of see it in his face how things were about to take a turn for the worse. From then on, as you can see the vast majority of our pictures are from the back. Good thing sound does not come from photos. Remind you, we are at some park near Lake Lanier so there are people walking their dogs, jogging, and just enjoying some sunlight. Meanwhile, our child is screaming at the top of his lungs while we are putting on fake smiles to try and save the pictures. 

In the end we loved how the pictures (of our backs) came out. We got some really great shots. However, we were disappointed the experience was not what we imagined. We learned another lesson for sure on what to do for next time. I pray we get it right in Orlando next month for our 1st Family Vacation!