Becoming A Team


It all started when…

We first met our freshman year of college at a haunted house. Surprisingly, we were actually both with our then significant others. Soon after, those relationships ended and we decided to give each other a chance. Exactly two years from then, we realized that we could not live life without one another and became engaged. 

Fast forward to 2015, we finished school and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where we purchased our first home at the age of 22. Most people at this age are finding themselves and having fun dating but we knew exactly what we wanted out of life and was determined to get it.  5 months later, we got the news that our dreams of becoming parents was going to become reality as our first attempt in traditional surrogacy was successful. We later found out we were expecting a princess who we decided to name Aubrey. We shared our story with the world and we received tons of love and excitement! Unfortunately, 5 months into the pregnancy our worst fears had come true when we lost our babygirl to a miscarriage. Our worlds were shattered. But through faith and support for each other, we got back on the horse and charged forward. 

Present day, we now have two beautiful children who we adore with every ounce of our being. Through our hardships we learned that every moment is to be cherished and every day we have with our kids is a blessing.

We are a regular family who breaks all stereotypes placed upon gay couples. We love, we laugh, and live life to the fullest. Follow us on our journey!!